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August 14, 2012
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(e/c)=Eye color
(h/l)=hair length
(h/c)= Hair color
____=your name
You woke up in a little bed that looked like a hospital bed. You looked around to see if anyone was there. "So you're awake?" Jason said appearing on the left side of the bed. "EECK!" You screeched. He just laughed at you outburst. You made him mad in the van. Could he hold a grudge? Luckily he didn't have his bat. You panicked and hid in the covers. "Don't be scared doll" He said slowly taking the covers off you "I'm off work so I can't hurt you. He chuckled evilly. You whimpered as he picked you up. "So you ____ Kirkland" Jason said getting a look at you. "You don't look like those tea suckers" "C-cause they took me in" You stuttered. He looked surprised. "Took you in? You're an orphan?" You shook your head. "They saved me from my evil step dad" He chuckled. "Well ____,-" Jason started before "JASON! Has ___ woke up yet?" Oliver yelled. "Idiot. She's awake. Either way you'd wake her up if she wasn't" He snapped "SO PIPE DOWN" He said whacking him on the head. "That's wasn't nice Jason" Oliver whimpered then looked at you. "How was your sleep dear?" Oliver asked. He scared you the most. Was it because he looked like Arthur. Because his eyes swirled when he asked you that? Or because he tried to kill you with a knife? You didn't answer you just stared at him. "It's not polite to stare~" Oliver chimed as his eyes swirled again. You were frightened so you clung onto Jason.  "Quit scaring her!" Jason said once again whacking Oliver upside the head. Before Oliver could complain Michal walked in with a cigar hanging out of the side of his mouth. Then he took you from Jason. "Now ____, were going to ask you some question." Michal said with a blank expression.
  "MIEN GOTT!?!" Prussia yelled at the top of his lungs. "VHAT HAPPENED TO ____!?" Then Germany rushed in to his frantic brother ranting. "Vhat about ___?" Germany yelled.  Prussia turned to his brother with tears in his 'awesome' eyes. "S-she been kidnapped by ze 2P's" Prussia sobbed dropping to the ground. "Vee~ Whats wrong with-a your fratello Doitsu?" Italy asked walking in. Germany didn't speak. "Whats-a wrong with potato bastard's brother?" Romano asked. Prussia looked up. This was gonna take a lot of explaining
  Michal sat you down in a chair and began asking you question. "Whats your REAL name, and by real I mean your parents last name" "_-___ ____" His expression didn't change. "Are you a country?" You nodded. "What's your country's name?" "(_c-country _n-name _)" "Dude this is boring as h***" Jason butted in. "Shut you're a*** **** Jason!" Michal snapped. "Michal. Don't use foul language in front of ____" Oliver said.  "Whatever" Michal mumbled. You held (_Mascot _name_) closer. "Whats that?" Oliver said picking up (_Mascot _name_). "GIMME THAT! BIG BROTHER IAN GAVE THAT TO ME!" You screamed. Oliver just smiled. "Why~ What if it cut it in h-" –BAM!- Jason hit him with a clipboard. "Give the kid her damn doll back" Michal busted out laughing wile Oliver handed the (_Mascot _name_) back to you.  'Please hurry big brother' you thought.
~*~ WITH THE 1PS~*~
  America and Germany decided to call an emergency meeting to ask the other how to save you. "This'll never vork!" Prussia said. "We can't even have a damn normal meeting without someone yelling. I say we ambush them and get the fra-" –BAM- Germany hit him upside the head. "Ve have to make a plan bruder. Who knows what danger we'll put ____ in if we jump on ahead" Prussia just nodded while rubbing his know potential bruise.
  When Germany walked in it was chaos. But not chaotic as usual. England wasn't yelling at France. France wasn't yelling at England. America wasn't yelling 'Hero' or telling one of his master plans. Seamus and Rory weren't fighting and Ian wasn't smoking his usual cigar. –BANG- Germany slammed his fist on the desk. "EVERYONE SHUT UP!" The meeting room quieted. "WE NEED TO FOCUS ON THIS MEETING! UNDERST-" "Why is this meeting so important" Said the very angry Romano "It's not like well get anything do-" "SHUT UP AND LISTEN!" America snapped rising from his seat and slamming his fist on the desk. Nearly cracking it. The meeting room gasped. Did America yell in anger? America sat down and crossed his arms over his chest mumbling "Damn countries" or "Can't they listen for once". Germany nodded to America "Thank You America. Now this meeting is about the 2Ps" The whole meeting room shot up glances at Germany. "What about the 2Ps aru?" China asked. "They have taken the country of (_country_ name_) or preferably know as ____ Kirkland." Germany said looking down hoping no tears were coming from his eyes. The room turned their heads to the Kirkland brothers. "____?" Japan said. "Yes ____, She iz a new country around ze age of 4" France said. "When did this happen?" Russia said. "Yesterday" England said blankly as a couple of silent tears rolled down his cheeks. "But were going to get her back." Prussia said patting England back hoping to calm him down. "I'LL HELP!" Italy spoke up "Any friend of Germany is a friend of mine! Vee~" Germany smiled. S.M.I.L.E.D! "I'll help too. If those damn 2P bastards think there better than us. They got another thing coming" Romano said. The other countries nodded in agreement. That warmed the stone cold, broken hearts of your brothers. "Whats the plan Germany?" Switzerland asked.  And so the meeting began.
After asking you a series of question, some you didn't know the answer to, the last question was interrupted by the sound of your stomach growling. "Looks like she hungry" Michal said picking you up. "Well?" He looked at Jason and Oliver "What DO you feed a 4 year old?" They looked at each other and shrugged. Jason took you from Michal "What do you eat ____?" He asked you. "SCONES!" You said smiling. They've heard of how bad Arthur's cooking is. "Scones?" Michal said raising an eyebrow to you. Then it hit you. "Yes scones. That's the only food I like" You started "But do you guys know how to make them like big brother?" They looked at each other then you. "I think we can give you something better than those stones" Jason said. "I'd doubt it" You said looking at him. He smirked. "I see what you're doing and it's not going to work but, well played kid." "Bloody hell" You mumbled under your breath. Jason heard that and chuckled. "Wow. Arthur already made an impression on you"
  ~*~WITH THE 1PS~*~
  "Team A will position on the left of the building" America said. "Team B will go behind the building" Germany said "And Team C on the right" America finished. "Everyone got it?" The countries nodded. "Ok zhen. You all have 24 hours to gather weapons" Germany said "Then we meet back here" Not to everyone surprise your brothers bolted out the door fist. Followed by America, Prussia and everyone else.
  For about 20 minutes the 2Ps kept arguing on what to feed you.  Jason decided some salad. Oliver suggested cupcakes. While Michal said "something that isn't bull****". In the middle of arguing someone who looked like Russia walked in. Only he had orange hair "SHUT UP ALREADY!" He snapped. They all looked at him. "What it is Evan?" Jason asked. "You guys are too damn loud!" Evan snapped. "And who's the kid?" He said pointing at you. You flinched. Jason picked you up. "This is ____" Jason said stroking your hair in a kindly manner. Making you feel safe. So you cuddled against him making him chuckle "She's the 1P Kirkland's sister" "So she is a country da?" Evan said. Jason nodded still stroking your hair. You felt safe. Just like when your brothers found you. "Then what was with all the yelling?" Evan asked. "We can't decide what to give her." Oliver said. "She's hungry"  Even face palmed. "Just give her some fruit. All kids like fruit" Evan said walking out and bringing back and apple. "Eat this" Evan said handing it to you. You took the apple and bit it. It wasn't bad. You bit it again. "See" Evan said. Jason chuckled at your cuteness. 'I don't want to give her back. Shes like a sibling to me' Jason thought. He had brothers. ONLY brothers, no sisters. You finished the apple and looked at Jason with some juice on your mouth. He smiled. "You got something on your face" Jason said wiping the juice off your mouth with his hand. You smiled. 'Him. Evil?' You thought. 'No way'
  Out of all these 2Ps you grew found of Jason. He reminded you of Jacob. Even looked like him only His hair was blacker and his eyes were green. Jacob loved you, but you sometimes pissed him off.  This seemed to be the case with Jason. Do you really want to leave now? Well you didn't have much of a choice by tomorrow.
  At night you were ,but back in the hospital bed by Michal. "Go to sleep" He ordered then left the room. You just closed your eyes only to be woken up again. It was Jason "Michal's such an a**" He cursed then picked you up. "Come on ____" Jason said "You're gonna be sleeping with me tonight" You nodded, and fell asleep in his arms. 'There is no way I'm letting the 1Ps comeback for you. They're gonna have to pry you from my cold dead hands. Jason thought.
Chapter 1:[link]
Chapter 2:[link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4:[link]
Chapter 5: [link]
Chapter 6:[link]
Chapter 7: :reading:
Chapter 8: [link]
Chapter 9: [link]
YOUR BROTHER ARE COMING!!! But :iconlegaspplz: JASON CARES FOR YOU!! /shot What will happen next?
Arthur: England
Ian: Scotland
Seamus: Northern Ireland
Rory: Rebublican of Ireland
Cole: Wales
Hetalia Hidekaz Himaruya :iconhimaruyaplz:
You Mother Russia? Da? :iconscaryrussiaplz:
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