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August 19, 2012
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  'Damn Michael stole my iPod' you were currently walking over to your friend Michael's house. And yes, he stole you iPod during class. 'Just wait till I get my hands on him' you thought walking up to his door. Michael was a scary person. Always wearing his shades and carrying around a hockey stick. The day he met you he actually said 'You my new friend'. At first you said ok because you were scared of him, now you were just AS scary. "MICHAEL WILLIAEMS OPEN UP THIS GODAMN DOOR AND GIMME MY IPOD!" You yelled banging on the door. The door opened but it wasn't Michael. It was a guy with dark brown hair, ruby red eyes and tan skin. "Shesh doll, Anger management much?" He said looking in disgust. "Rude much?" You said giving a similar glare. "Where Michael?" "Hold on" He said walking inside. "YO A**! SOME CHICKS AT THE DOOR FOR YOU!" He yelled up stairs. "IM COMING DAMNIT!" Michael yelled.  
  Once he got down stairs he just gave his usual smirk at you "Hey ____. What brings you here today?" Michael asked you. "You know why I'm here Michael!" You snapped "Give me my godamn iPod!" He chuckled. "You see ____. I lent it to Evan" He said smirking once again. "YOU DID WHAT NOW!?" You said turning red from anger. "Woah dude. You really pissed her off" The brown haired man said. "I have eyes a**" Michael said glaring at the man. "I wasn't really sure. From a guy who wears sunglasses in a blackout" The man said smirking at Michael "SHUT YOU PIEHOLE JASON!" Michael snapped. You face palmed 'Idiots'. "Whatever Michael. I'll go get my iPod myself" You said heading towards the door. "Hold on a sec doll" said Jason as Michael called him. "You sure you want to go up against Evan" "My big brother gave me that iPod before he left" You said as purple aurora appeared around you. "I'll go get it." Michael said grabbing his hockey stick. "Be back in an hour!" He said slamming the door. "Mother-"  You cursed. "I guess I'll be going" You said walking towards the door. Only to have Jason grab your arm and pull you towards him. "Not so fast doll. Can't you hang around for a bit?" He said raising an eyebrow. "I guess" You said. "Good!" He said pushing you on the couch and sitting next to you. "You know I could've sited on my own" You said glaring at him.
   "So who are you anyways?" You asked. "I'm Jason. Didn't you hear Michael?" He said flipping through T.V channels. "I mean, if you're like related to Michael or something?" You said. "I'm his brother" He said. "Brother?" You repeated. "How come he's never told me about you?" "How long have you known him?" He said looking at you. "Since minute one that he arrived at (_school_name_)" You said. "OH! So you're ____, the uptight chick he always talks about" He said grinning at you. "IM NOT UPTIGHT!" You snapped. He playfully raised an eyebrow. "Well I wasn't till I met him. He gets on my nerves" You said crossing your arms over our chest and looking down. "I know what ya mean" He said "Michaels a total a**. I hate that being twins with him." "Twins?" You said "How come I've never seen you in school? " "Expelled for blowing up the chemistry lab. I'm banned from Colorado for 5 years" He said. "How in the world did you blow up a chemistry lab?" You said looking up. "A chemical labeled 'Do not touch' and a lighter" He said. "I would've liked to see that" You said smirking. He laughed. "Gotta hand it to ya ____, I'm surprised Michael hasn't scared you off yet" "Please!" You said "It'll take a lot more than his hockey stick to scare me" He put an arm around your shoulder. "I like your style ____" You playfully punched his arm "Same to you Jason" –BOOM- "What the f- was that!?" You yelled clinging on to Jason. He tried not to blush. –BOOM- Jason looked outside the window. "It's raining" He said looking at you. "oh" You said letting go of him. He laughed "you scared of thunder" He asked "NO!" You said when another loud clap of thunder scared the lights out of you, making you cling on to Jason again. "Ok . . . maybe I am" You mumbled. Before you were going to let go you felt Jason's arms wrap around you back pulling you closer to him. You blushed as red as the tomato's your friend Toni loves. Jason noticed and chuckled "I'll keep you safe doll" He said placing his forehead on yours. You could see a faint pink blush on his cheeks. "Um . . . thanks" You said. You and Jason stayed in that position for a while watching T.V shows till the power went out. "Just great" You said. "Don't worry little kitten" Jason said smirking. "I said that I will protect you" "Like a hero of some sort?" You said "Hell no!" He said "More like a villain who is keeping a hostage" "You know the hero always save the girl right?" You said "SCREW HERO'S" He said hugging you tighter. 'If he keeps this up I'm going to die from lack of air'
   You and Jason were engaged in conversation. You two had a lot in common. You found out that he likes sports, especially baseball, villains and music. But the conversation fell into an awkward silence. 'I wonder why Michael didn't introduce me to him sooner' then you just realized something.  "Um . . . do you think Michael's ok?" You asked trying to keep the conversation going and worrying about Michael's wellbeing if he still was at Evan's. "Let me call him" He said reaching for the phone in his pocket and dials Michael.
"Yeah I'm fine Jason" Michael said wringing his coat. "I'm at Oliver's house" "Michael~ Do you need an extra set of clothes~" Asked the vey cheery Oliver. "Yeah thank Ollie!" Michael answered back. "So I may not be back tonight. I go home as soon as the storm passes. OH and tell ____ I hid it her iPod in her backpack yesterday. Don't rape her!" Michael yelled hanging up.
  Jason blushed furiously at what Michael said 'No promises' He thought. "Yeah the big a** is fine and he said he hid your iPod in your backpack yesterday" "WHAT!?" You yelled. "I guess I can go now" You said trying to get up. Jason tightened his grip on you. "It's raining! Do you want to go out into the storm?" He says smirking. "I'll go outside in the damn st-"–BOOM!- You clung onto Jason again. "You were saying?" He said smirking. "WIPE THAT SMIRK OFF YOUR FACE!" You said slamming you hand on his face. He licked the palm of your hand. "HEY!" You said trying to pull your hand back. Jason gabbed your wrist and kept you hand in front of his face. HE continued to lick your hand. "STOP IT JASON!" You yelled pulling back. Jason only pulled you closer by your waist. You could cook a breakfast buffet on your face from how hot it was. Jason started planting kisses up your arm, then collarbone and neck. Once he got to your check you felt like you were gonna explode. "JASON STOP IT!!" He stopped kissing you and placed his mouth by your ear. Staying there letting your face heat up some more. He kissed behind your ear. Then said "I love you ____" You didn't know what to say "Jas-" Was all you could say before you were silenced by a kiss to the lips.
   You were redder and hotter than the suns core. After w while you gave into the kiss. Warping your arms around his neck while he warped his other hand around your waist pulling you as close as possible. You stayed like that for a good 10 seconds till Jason swiped his tongue over your lower lip. You decide to be playful and not open up for him. You felt him smirk against the kiss. He had one of his hand wander over to your 'end zone'. You squeaked opening you mouth to yell at him, but he darted straight towards your mouth and explore your every nook and cranny. You started to play with his hair, When you felt him growl. You looked at your hands and saw you fingers were entwined in a hair he had sticking out. You tugged at it making him kiss deeper. You tugged again and he broke the kiss moaning out. "D-don't touch that" Jason stuttered. "Why~" You said playfully tugging it again. He growled before he kissed you again and shoving his tongue between your lips. "It's my . . . . um . . . . . you know" You could tell by the look on his face what he was trying to say. "EECK! I'm sorry Jas-AHH!" You said before Jason picked you up bridal style. "No I want you to touch it" He said "Just not here" He said winking at you.
  Just at that moment Michael walked in. "Hey guys I'm ba-" Michael said before noticing you two. "Jason. I told you not to rape her" He said smirking. "I didn't promise anything!" Jason said sticking his tongue out at Michael. "Real mature Jason" Michael said rolling his eyes. "I'll be upstairs. Night" He said walking up stairs. "Come on ____" Jason said walking to his room and laying you down on his bed. "HEY I'M ONLY 16 YOU DOOF!" You said squirming. He mumbled "Fine" He said lying down beside you and pulling the blankets over the both of you. You snuggled closer to him and he wrapped his arms around you. "I love you Jason" You said hugging him back. "I love you too ____" He said kissing your forehead.
  "Oh. And you're living with us from now on." He said "I'll be outside your house to pick you up" "WHY? Didn't I see this coming?" You said. "Cause it was my plan ____!" Michael yelled from his room. "Well I got to hand it to Michael" You said hugging Jason "I own him big time"
Requested by le Awesome: :iconlevampiress:
I hope you like it~ :wave:

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
You © :heart::icon2pamericaplz::heart:
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Hinatathebloom1 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
Loved it ^w^
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Dang it. Those scemers~
snow-master286 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
I thought 2p America's name was "Al" and 2p Canada's Name was "Matt"? Besides that I really liked the story!!
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all ready making out with him in the first chapter... DAMMMMMMMNN
NinaAmase Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Could someone explain to me what the 2p characters are? I mean I've heard of them but I don't know if they're from a spin off or just made up :( someone help please?
animewolfgirl-ayame Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist
2p! Is the second player form of a hetalia character they are the exact opposite of the original
So you know how the normal America would help an old lady across the street and saying he is the hero? Well the 2p! America would kill an old lady and HATES heros
NinaAmase Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh I get it now, thank you! :) I can see cleeeearly noooow…oh Ludwig would be ashamed…
Clove-the-ninja Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Good story but it's kinda weird how at the end she's just like "I love you" to an almost perfect stranger.  And what the hell are her parents gonna say bout this?!!!
rosyxD Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
Le awesomeness !!!!! It was cool and SMEXY
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